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London’s Notorious Rush Hour

Posted: 3-04-2017 Updated: 18-04-2024 Research reveals that the average motorist driving through London’s notorious rush hour spends around 139 hours a year at a standstill due to gridlocked traffic. In fact, London ranks as the
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Choosing The Right Van Size For Your IKEA Furniture

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, has become a staple for Londoners furnishing their homes. With numerous stores across the city, it offers a vast array of stylish and affordable furniture options. However, the challenge often
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On The Go: Last-Minute Van Hire Tips For Rapid Relocations

Rapid relocations can often become a necessity in an ever-busy city like London. Whether it is a sudden job transfer, a change in living arrangements, or simply the need for more space, the need to
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Van Hire Cost 101: How Much to Hire a Van Per Day?

Van hire is a matter of convenience as well as necessity for Londoners. People hire vans for diverse reasons, including moving homes, transporting goods for business, event logistics, and temporary storage. It offers flexibility without
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The importance of shelving and racking in Luton vans

In London, where the business pace is always fast, the significance of strategically organised shelving and racking for a commercial van is obvious.  A recent insight from the British Van Excellence Report underscores this need,
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The Ultimate Guide to Van Hire: How to Choose the Best Van for Your Needs!

Embarking on the bustling roads of London requires more than just a vehicle; it demands the right van tailored to your unique needs. In a city where every turn tells a tale of diverse businesses
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Choosing the right self-drive van size: a complete van size guide for you

Are you gearing up for a self-drive van adventure in the UK? Whether you’re moving house, running a business, or embarking on any transporting task, making the right choice regarding van size is pivotal to
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11 Essential Tips for Hiring a Van for Your Move in London

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful and cost-effective house move in London is choosing the right self-drive van for the job. With numerous options available, it’s essential to make an informed decision.
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Choosing the right size van for your transportation needs

If you’re looking to hire a quality self-drive van for your transportation needs in London, choosing the right size is crucial. For light-duty transport, you don’t want to end up with a large vehicle that’s
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6 tips for moving furniture safely

When moving house one of the biggest obstacles you will encounter is getting large and cumbersome pieces of furniture out of your home and into your removal vehicle. Many homeowners are left scratching their heads
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What are the benefits of hiring a van?

Hiring a van is the perfect solution for all your transportation needs. It ensures you have the right vehicle for the job, as and when you need it, without the hefty upfront and ongoing costs
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Advice: Driving a fully loaded van

Loading up a vehicle with significant weight can massively affect its handling and this will need to be accounted for by the driver. Be sure to check the maximum payload of your van and do
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