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Introducing: Our New Refrigerated Van

Chill out man! H&H Van Hire always goes all-out for customer satisfaction – working hard to expand and improve our many offers by providing the best kind of van hire deals in London. This time, we’ve really turned it up a notch (maybe that should be down a notch!) – adding a completely new concept to our ever growing fleet; the Refrigerated Van!

Our New Refrigerated Van


Our refrigerated van includes the following features:

  • Internal Loading Space: L 3.04 x W 1.57 x H 1.70m
  • Temperature: -18° to +2°
  • Dual Compartment
  • Standby Power Socket
  • Turbo Diesel
  • Power Steering


  • You have the freedom to control the temperature; anytime, anywhere!
  • Dual compartments make it easy to separate the sides – use one side for chilling and the other for a more controlled temperature.
  • No need to worry about your goods being left overnight! The standby socket can keep your perishables chilled – even when the van is turned off.

Ideal Uses

Refrigerated vans are essential to many different industries as they can protect the goods from spoiling, even on long journeys! Temperature controlled transport is invaluable for the shipping of:

  • Fresh Foods – optimal temperatures can help reduce bacteria; which can cause illness to the consumers.
  • Fruit and Vegetables –effective ventilation can keep produce fresh while in transit.
  • Pharmaceuticals – excessive heat or cold temperatures can alter the chemical balance in pharmaceutical products; which can spoil, contaminate or damage them.
  • Flowers – cool temperatures prolong the life of freshly cut flowers – keeping them garden-fresh and visually appealing!
  • Cosmetics – makeup can spoil when stored inappropriately.
  • Chemicals – hazardous chemicals can become even more dangerous in inappropriate temperatures; they have a tendency to explode when stored in extreme heat.


For further enquiries about our freezer van and other van hire services in London, please call +44 20 7916 6616.

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