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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Van in Holloway

Home to Arsenal Football Club, Holloway also boasts large developmental establishments including the Emirates Stadium and Andover Housing Estate.

If you want to explore the wonders of this city but are clueless where to start, why not begin with a Holloway van hire service?

Before you start the actual van hire process, make sure you are well-informed about the conditions and limitations that van hire companies will often implement:


1.   Age Limit

Professional driving capabilities and a clean driving licence are not enough. Most van hire companies require drivers to be aged 25 and above. In certain instances they will allow 21-year-old drivers.


2.   Places Covered

Take note of the restrictions. Most van hire companies allow distant travel as long as it is within the UK mainland. If you are hiring a van for holiday and camping concerns, make sure that you stay on paved roads to avoid damaging the van.


3.   Price of Additional Drivers

So, all your mates are 25 years old and they hold a current driving licence… that does not mean you can freely switch from one driver to another. Some companies allow up to two drivers, including the hirer but anything over that might incur additional fees.


4.   Renting of Extras

Some extras are already built-in or attached in the van, like GPS units, which is why it’s best to do some careful checking to avoid additional costs. If you own the extras, such as baby seats, mobile Wi-Fi and snow chains, then it is best to bring your own.


5.   Ongoing Promos

Some of us keep an eye out for cheap flights, while others look out for van hire promotions. Promos could save you big, so check the van hire website or personally ask before booking.

Don’t be a victim of additional costs. It pays to be a well-prepared hirer, so better do your homework!

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