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Handy Supplies that Make Your House Moving Experience More Convenient

handy supplies for house move

Moving to a new home can be quite exciting but the amount of time and effort that you put into the moving process is another story; it requires a lot of meticulous planning which can be totally exhausting.

While you cannot entirely fast track the moving process, you can make it a little easier on yourself by having the right kind of supplies with you. Always thinking of you, H&H offers moving supplies that are invaluable to the packing process:


Packing Boxes

(Start at £2.50 each)

As a moving essential, boxes serve as temporary storage for your belongings; they help to keep your valuables safe and perfectly intact. We offer boxes of various sizes—from small boxes that are ideal for accessories and clothing, to large boxes that can accommodate duvets, lamps, artwork, etc.


Bubble Wrap

(Starts at £15.00 / 25 Metre Roll)

There’s nothing worse than opening a box to find that all the contents have been broken in transit. Bubble wrap provides optimum protection, making a great padding material that supports even the most delicate items. We have 25-metre rolls and 100-metre rolls that are priced at £15.00 and £24.00 each.


Packing Tape

(£1.60 / Brown Tape)

For boxes that hold heavy items, secure them with heavy duty brown tape. Brilliant for reinforcing the bottom of boxes, it also ensures that they are fully secured when moved.



For your convenience, we offer FREE trolley use with every hired van! Trolleys help boost productivity; you can stack boxes and move more in one go; they will make the whole process so much easier!



As if the free use of our trollies wasn’t enough, we also offer the FREE use of moving straps along with your hired van! Straps help keep your items in a steady position while on the move; they secure even the heaviest appliances like refrigerators, cupboards and settees.


Inside Shelving Units

New to H&H, we now provide inside shelving units that are brilliant for your smaller items, tools and supplies. For a more organised moving experience, the inside shelving is available at a competitive price!


We don’t just provide the wheels; we can also cater to your essential moving accessories too! For the best van hire service and moving supplies in London contact H&H today on 020 7916 6616.

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