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Driving Tips to Keep Your Hired Van Safe in Wet Weather

London ranks third amongst the rainiest cities in Europe according to Airmail. Rainy days are common in the UK during spring, so if you are planning a trip or if you are transporting goods using a rental van, you might want to take note of these tips to avoid unnecessary wet weather mishaps:

Vehicle Checks

Check the essential van parts that play a huge role in rainy weather, such as windscreen wipers and wiper blades. As a hirer, it pays to double check even if the van hire company has already done it as part of their routine operation.

H&H Van Hire is a rent a van service in London that prioritises safety.


Plan Your Journey Ahead of Time

Planning a trip in advance does not guarantee that you’ll be able to avoid wet weather but it does give you ample time to prepare. For business operations, check online weather updates.


Be Aware of Limited Visibility

Heavy rain causes a blurred windscreen, even when the wipers are doing their upmost to keep up! In times like this you should slow down, be extra careful and give 101% attention to the road.


Avoid Sudden Movements

According to Driving Test Success slippery roads due to weather rank 7th in the top ten causes of traffic accidents in the UK. Slippery roads make any erratic movements such as sudden breaking or extreme steering more dangerous. These actions may also affect the van e.g. reduced tyre traction and burst brake tubes.


Take Sufficient Breaks

If you are driving a self-drive hired van, it is highly recommended that you take breaks throughout your trip. Long drives may lead to fatigue.


Considering the costs and damage that an accident can cause, not to mention that the van is not your own, it is always best to put safety first!

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