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Van hire accessories

As part of our comprehensive service, we are happy to provide a huge range of accessories and additional items as part of your van rental. At any point while booking your rental, just let our team know what it is that you need, and they’ll be more than happy to include the relevant items within your hire. We’re committed to making your move or project easier by giving you everything you could possibly need.


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Our team are happy to arrange any ancillary items you might require. Just let them know by calling 020 67916 6616, emailing, or filling out our enquiry form.

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What accessories do we offer?

We’re proud to offer just about anything you could possibly need to make your time behind the wheel easier. From creature comforts in the cab to packing essentials, we know exactly what will make a difference when you’re out on the road.

Moving boxes

Sturdy cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes that ensure you can safely and efficiently store your items for transportation.


A hand trolley is a great way to manoeuvre bulky, unwieldy, and heavy items that you might otherwise struggle to move.

Packing blankets

Keep large appliances and white goods safe and secure in transit by wrapping them in specially designed packing blankets.

Shelving and racking

We can provide shelving in our Luton vans so that you can properly store everything for convenience and accessibility.

Ratchet straps

Make sure that large items don’t rock around or shift in transit with our highly durable and adjustable ratchet straps.

Roof racks

Expand the space of your van with a roof rack that will allow you to secure further items on top of your vehicle.


Never get lost on the road again. We can include a modern GPS device so that you can find the best route to your destination.


If you already have a trailer, you can affix it to your rental van with a professionally installed towbar to maximise your space.

Phone holders

Take calls, use maps, and adjust music safely while driving with a phone holder that ensures you can use it handsfree.

Aux cords

Connect your device to your van’s system for a seamless experience while you’re out on the road.

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Arrange your van hire with all the accessories you need by calling 020 7916 6616 or emailing

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