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Van Hire Cost 101: How Much to Hire a Van Per Day?

Van hire is a matter of convenience as well as necessity for Londoners. People hire vans for diverse reasons, including moving homes, transporting goods for business, event logistics, and temporary storage. It offers flexibility without the commitment of ownership, making it a cost-effective solution for occasional or short-term transportation needs.

If you are one of these people looking to hire a suitable van for a day, a week, or longer-term and curious about the cost involved, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will help you understand the intricacies of van hire costs for different types of vans in London.

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Understanding The Types Of Vans And Their Costs Per Day

  1. Small Van

    Small vans offer agility for urban tasks. They are perfect for small loads and cost-efficient. The per day rental cost of quality small vans starts at approximately £60 plus VAT. Weekend pricing goes a little high, naturally, due to increased demand.

    Long-term hire options provide additional savings at a lower cost per day, ideal for businesses requiring constant transport solutions without breaking the bank.

    At H&H Van Hire, you get small vans at a very affordable price of £65.00 + VAT. If you are hiring over the weekend, the cost will be around £130.00. And if you are thinking of hiring a small van for 5 days or more, it is going to get even more cost-effective for you. For example, for 28+ days, the daily van hire cost is cut down to only £34.80 plus VAT.

  2. Short Wheel Base Van

    Short wheel base vans provide a step up in capacity. At a daily cost starting at £75 plus VAT in London, they strike a balance between size and affordability.

    With us, you can rent a short wheelbase van for only £75/day plus VAT. The weekend pricing will be around £150.00 plus VAT. However, if you’re hiring long-term from us, it will come down to only £67.50 /day + VAT for 5 days.

    As you can see, long-term hire is an economical option, accommodating extended usage without compromising budget constraints. Get in touch if you want to get the best price from us.

  3. Long Wheel Base Van

    Long wheelbase vans cater to larger loads. This enhanced capacity comes with a slightly higher but justified cost. The daily hire rate may start anywhere around £80 and go up to £100 or more, depending on the van hire company you’re renting from.

    Remember, you may get cheaper options in the market; however, it is advisable to keep the quality of the van in mind during the hiring process. Well-maintained and ULEZ-compliant vans bring peace of mind and safety to your overall self-drive van hiring experience.

    At H&H Van Hire, we offer you a per-day van rental cost of £85.00 + VAT. Over the weekend, the cost goes high due to a surge in demand at around £170.00 plus VAT. But if you’re planning to hire for 7 days or more, the per-day cost is significantly reduced to only £60.71 plus VAT. You may also get a discount on online bookings.

  4. Luton Box Van

    Well-maintained Luton box vans cost around £100 to £110 plus VAT per day. These vans are renowned for their spacious design. For extended projects or frequent use, long-term hire provides an economical solution, ensuring affordability without compromising on the van’s utility.

    Our one-day hire price for a Luton box van is affordable at £110.00 + VAT. If you’re looking to hire for 5 days, the cost will come down to £99.00 /day. For 28 days or more, it will be only £60.00 /day. All these prices are subject to VAT.

    Call us on 020 7916 6616 to discuss your van hiring needs. You can trust us to try to match or beat your previous quote.

  5. Luton Low Loader

    Luton low loader vans, combining ample space with a lower loading height, are ideal for easier loading and unloading of goods, especially heavy or bulky items. They usually come at a per-day hiring cost of £110 plus VAT.

    You get a quality Luton low loader at the same per-day pricing of £110 plus VAT at H&H Van Hire. The weekend cost will be around £220.00 plus VAT. If you’re hiring from us for 5 days, the cost will be less at only £99.00 plus VAT per day. Learn more here.

  6. Crew Van

    Crew vans have been designed to transport both goods and personnel. For some companies, the rental cost starts at £100 per day plus VAT. As is the case with other vans on this list, the weekend cost for crew vans is higher compared to the weekday cost. This occurs due to increased demand on Saturdays and Sundays.

    If you hire a crew van from our specialist van hire company in London, you will get a ULEZ-compliant and highly maintained van at only £128.00 + VAT per day. This helps you maintain compliance and safety on the roads.

    If you need it for more than 28 days, the per-day pricing is reduced to £64.50 plus VAT, which is cost-efficient for production companies or other businesses in the city.

  7. Refrigerated Van

    Refrigerated vans are a crucial need for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. You can expect them to cost around £120 plus VAT per day.

    At H&H Van Hire, our one-day hiring cost is £135+VAT for a quality refrigerated van with a whopping payload capacity of 1400kg. The weekend prices are £270+VAT.

    Our long-term hire for refrigerated vans starts at £110+VAT/day for more than 7 days. It is tailored for businesses with consistent refrigerated transport needs, offering a reliable solution whilst maintaining financial efficiency.


Navigating London in a cost-effective manner requires a strategic approach to van hire. By understanding the nuanced pricing structures and durations, you can make informed decisions that align with your logistical needs and financial considerations.

Whether it’s a swift small van for a day or a long-term commitment to a Luton box van, this guide equips you to choose wisely in the ever-busy metropolis of London.

Throughout the blog, you have seen the very affordable van hire costs for different types of vans at H&H Van Hire. We know that we aren’t the cheapest in the market, and that is because we guarantee quality and compliance for you on the roads of London.

That said, feel free to reach out to us. We often offer discounts on online bookings. Also, our friendly team will try to match or beat your previous quote.

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