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The Wedding Planner

Directed by Adam Shankman, The Wedding Planner is a romantic comedy that was released in 2001.

It was originally set to feature Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brendan Fraser as the main characters, but these were replaced by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr, who also couldn’t continue filming due to other commitments. Eventually, Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey were cast as the lead characters.


The plot

Jennifer Lopez stars as Mary Fiore, a wedding planner who is adept at creating the perfect big day for couples, but disastrous at finding her own ideal match. That is, until one day, when she has a near-miss accident in the street, and is rescued by a dashing doctor named Steve (played by Matthew McConaughey). Chemistry is evident between the couple and they arrange to go on a date, which is sealed with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Mary is busy planning a high society wedding that could boost her career prospects. Having met with the bride-to-be, Fran (played by Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), several times, Mary is then introduced to the husband-to-be, Eddie. Much to Mary’s horror, Eddie turns out to be Steve, and when Mary and Eddie/Steve are on their own, she condemns his cheating behaviour. They both decide their dalliance was a mistake, and Mary continues to plan their wedding.

In a subplot, Mary’s father is trying to set her up with potential suitors and has a good Italian man, Massimo (played by Justin Chambers) in mind, who Mary has known since childhood. When Massimo introduces himself as Mary’s fiancé in front of Fran and Steve, Steve later scolds Mary for not being truthful with him, even though she’s blissfully ignorant of having entered into any engagement with Massimo.

Over time, it becomes evident that Mary and Steve still have feelings for each other, but they decide not to act on them. Meanwhile, Fran is having second thoughts about getting wed. During this time, Mary has a change of heart and decides to accept Massimo’s hand in marriage.

As both wedding days draw near, Fran calls the wedding off at the last minute. Hearing that Mary is about to get wed, Steve dashes over to her venue and finds that their wedding has been halted too. He later declares his love for Mary, in a happy-ever-after ending.



The Wedding Planner secured the number one box office position on release, and grossed nearly $95,000,000 globally. Despite its success, the film generally received lukewarm reviews. However, as a romantic comedy with light-hearted appeal, it makes for an easy-viewing flick.


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