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Choosing The Right Van Size For Your IKEA Furniture

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, has become a staple for Londoners furnishing their homes. With numerous stores across the city, it offers a vast array of stylish and affordable furniture options.

However, the challenge often lies in transporting these flat-pack, self-assembly products to your home. This is where choosing the right van becomes crucial. In this blog, we will explore the various IKEA furniture dimensions and discuss the van options for them. We hope to make your furniture transportation hassle-free.

At H&H Van Hire, we are experienced van hire experts. You can hire well-maintained vans of different types and sizes from us. Speak to us to discuss your van hire requirements, what you are planning to transport, and the ideal size van you will need for the job. Call 020 7916 6616 or email today.

5 Biggest IKEA Furniture Pieces And Their Dimensions

1.    MALM Bed Frame (King Size: 177×211 cm)

This bed frame is a popular choice for its minimalist design and sturdy construction, and it requires careful consideration when transporting due to its substantial dimensions. Measuring 177×211 cm for the King Size variant, it is a sizable piece that demands adequate space in the van to prevent damage during transit.

2.    KALLAX Shelving Unit (147×147 cm)

The KALLAX shelving unit is renowned for its versatility and storage capacity, making it a staple in many homes. With dimensions of 147×147 cm, this unit offers ample space for displaying books, ornaments, and storage boxes.

When transporting the KALLAX, ensuring a van with sufficient room is crucial to avoid any risk of overcrowding and potential damage to the unit.

3.    BRIMNES Wardrobe (117×190 cm)

This wardrobe is a practical storage solution known for its sleek design and functional features. Its dimension is 117×190 cm, which makes it ideal for generous storage space for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Select a van with enough height and width to accommodate its dimensions comfortably. This will minimise the risk of scratches or dents during transportation.

4.    EKTORP Sofa (Width: 218 cm)

The EKTORP sofa is a beloved choice for its classic design and comfortable seating. With a width of 218 cm, this sofa requires careful planning when transporting to ensure it fits securely in the van.

5.    BILLY Bookcase (80x28x202 cm)

With dimensions of 80x28x202 cm, this bookcase offers ample space for organising books, files, and decorative items. When transporting the BILLY bookcase, it is essential to protect its shelves and framework from shifting or impact, requiring careful handling and securing within the van to prevent any damage en route.

6.    Mattress (King Size: 150×200 cm)

IKEA mattresses, including king-size variants measuring 150×200 cm, are essential furniture pieces for any bedroom. When transporting a mattress, it is crucial to consider its size and fragility.

While mattresses are flexible, they require adequate protection from moisture, dirt, and sharp objects during transit. Utilising a van with sufficient space to lay the mattress flat and secure it properly is essential to prevent damage.

Choosing The Right Van In London For IKEA Furniture

1.    Small Van

Small vans are suitable for transporting individual furniture pieces like the MALM bed frame or the EKTORP sofa. With their compact size, they offer manoeuvrability in urban areas and are cost-effective for smaller moves.

Our small vans usually measure 150x120x120 cm. This can be ideal for your shorter-frame furniture pieces, including small mattresses, beds, or wardrobes.

2.    Short Wheel Base Van

Short wheel base vans provide slightly more space than small vans, making them suitable for transporting medium-sized furniture pieces such as the KALLAX shelving unit. Their increased capacity allows for the transportation of multiple items or larger pieces with ease.

When selecting a short wheel base van, consider the dimensions of the furniture and ensure sufficient clearance for loading and unloading. Our short wheel base vans come at 244x178x132 cm with a payload capacity of 1000kg. Your KALLAX shelving units and MALM king bed will nicely fit in it.

3.    Long Wheel Base Van

Long wheel base vans offer even more space and versatility, which makes them ideal for transporting larger furniture items like the BRIMNES wardrobe or multiple pieces simultaneously.

With their extended length, they provide ample room for bulky items and allow for more efficient loading and unloading processes. When choosing a long wheel base van, factor in the dimensions of the furniture and consider any additional space needed for packaging or padding to protect delicate items during transit.

At H&H Van Hire, you’ll get long wheel base vans that measure 320x178x183 cm. It can fit big IKEA furniture, such as the PAX wardrobe (200x66x236 cm), LANDSKRONA Sectional, 5-seat, FRIHETEN Corner Sofa-Bed with Storage, etc., and more. Call us on 020 7916 6616 to discuss your furniture dimensions and the ideal van for your needs.

4.    Luton Box Van

Luton box vans feature a spacious area with a box-like structure, making them suitable for transporting bulky furniture items such as fully furnished rooms or large wardrobes like the BRIMNES.

Their elevated ceilings offer ample vertical clearance, allowing for easier loading and accommodating taller items. Additionally, the rear tail lift facilitates loading heavy or awkwardly shaped items, reducing the risk of injury during the process.

With us, the Luton Box you get will be 403x204x213 cm. Some popular IKEA furniture that it can fit includes SÖDERHAMN Sectional, 4-seat (312x240x83 cm), BESTÅ Storage Combination with Doors (360x42x192 cm), NORDLI Bed Frame with Storage.

5.    Luton Low Loader

Luton low loader vans combine the benefits of a Luton box van with a lower loading height, making them ideal for transporting heavy or oversized furniture items with ease.

With their reduced floor height, they offer improved accessibility for loading and unloading, minimising the need for ramps or lifting equipment. When selecting a Luton low loader van, consider the weight and dimensions of the furniture to ensure compatibility with the vehicle’s capacity and dimensions.

Our Luton low loader vans are 410x198x136 cm, and they can fit some of your long and heavy IKEA furniture packs while making the loading and unloading simple for you.


Choosing the right van size for transporting your IKEA furniture is essential to avoid logistical headaches and ensure a smooth transportation experience.

Understand the dimensions of your furniture pieces and enlist the help of van hire experts at H&H Van Hire. Rest assured – we will offer you the best-quality van that will suit your needs and fit your IKEA furniture. Contact us today to get started.

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