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Travelling Europe By Van: Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Journey

Travelling Europe in a van offers a great sense of freedom and adventure. You can explore at your own pace, visit off-the-beaten-path locations, and create a unique and flexible travel itinerary. However, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, proper planning and preparation are essential.

This guide provides professional advice to help you embark on the ultimate European van travel experience. From hiring the right van to getting the required insurance cover, we will cover everything in this blog. Keep reading!

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10 Tips And Tricks For Travelling Europe In A Van

1. Choose The Right Van Hire Company

Selecting a reputable van hire company is crucial for a successful trip. Look for a company with excellent reviews and a proven track record of reliable service.

Ensure they offer comprehensive support and have a range of well-maintained vehicles. Customer service should be top-notch, providing assistance before, during, and after your hire period.

A good van hire company will also offer flexible terms and transparent pricing. By choosing the right company, you can travel with confidence, knowing that help is just a phone call away if needed.

2. Select The Appropriate Van Type

Choosing the right van type depends on your travel needs and preferences. A small van is ideal for navigating narrow city streets and finding parking in busy areas.

If you require more space for luggage and sleeping arrangements, a long wheelbase van offers additional room. For those travelling with a group and carrying equipment for a project, a crew van provides extra seating and comfort.

Consider the number of passengers, the amount of gear, and the nature of your trip when selecting your van. The right van type ensures comfort and convenience throughout your journey.

3. Get Green Card Insurance

Green Card insurance is essential when travelling outside the UK. This document proves you have the minimum required insurance coverage in the countries you visit. Without it, you might face legal issues or be unable to make a claim in case of an accident.

Check with your insurance provider to obtain a Green Card and understand the coverage details. It is important to carry this document at all times and ensure it’s valid for all the countries on your itinerary.

Proper insurance coverage provides peace of mind and financial protection during your travels. At H&H Van Hire, we will help you get Green Card insurance so you can plan your trip in a hassle-free manner.

4. Obtain AA European Breakdown Cover

Securing AA European breakdown cover is a smart move to avoid being stranded in a foreign country due to a mechanical failure. This cover provides roadside assistance, towing services, and sometimes even accommodation if repairs take longer than expected.

Ensure your breakdown cover is valid in all the countries you plan to visit and understand the terms and conditions. Having reliable breakdown cover ensures that help is available in case of emergencies, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about potential vehicle issues.

With us, you will have a comprehensive breakdown cover that will be valid across 44 countries in Europe.

5. Carry A Euro Travel Kit

A Euro travel kit is mandatory in many European countries and includes essential items for your safety and compliance with local laws. Typically, it contains a full bulb kit, a high visibility jacket, a warning triangle, and a first aid kit.

Some countries may have additional requirements, so research the specific regulations for each destination. Having these items readily available ensures that you can handle minor issues on the road and enhances your overall safety. Rest assured that when you hire from us, we will include this kit in our package.

6. Check Your Licence Requirements

Verify that your UK driving licence is valid in all the countries you plan to visit. Some countries may require an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your UK licence.

An IDP translates your licence into multiple languages and is recognised in over 140 countries. It’s a straightforward process to obtain one from the Post Office before your trip.

7. Plan Your Route

Planning your route in advance is crucial for a smooth journey. Identify key destinations, potential overnight stops, and must-see attractions. However, maintain flexibility to allow for spontaneous detours and discoveries.

Use GPS and reliable maps to navigate efficiently and avoid getting lost. Research road conditions, local traffic laws, and any travel advisories for your chosen routes.

8. Be Aware Of Toll Roads

Many European countries have toll roads, and being aware of them helps you budget for your trip. Research the toll systems in each country you’ll visit and have appropriate payment methods ready. Some countries use electronic toll collection systems, while others accept cash or credit cards at toll booths.

Plan your budget to include these additional costs and consider alternative routes if you wish to avoid tolls.

9. Respect Local Traffic Laws

Each European country has its own traffic regulations, and respecting these laws is crucial for a safe journey. Familiarise yourself with local speed limits, road signs, and safety requirements. Some countries have specific rules, such as mandatory use of headlights during the day or unique parking regulations.

10. Pack Efficiently

Consider the climate and pack, accordingly, including layers for varying weather conditions. Use packing cubes and storage solutions to keep your van organised. Essentials like a first aid kit, tools, and camping equipment should be easily accessible. It enhances comfort, makes daily routines easier, and keeps your van tidy throughout the trip.

How Can We Help?

H&H Van Hire has been providing van hire in London for over twenty years. We take the time to get to know your individual needs so we can provide the best solution possible.

When you hire a van from us, you’ll receive a high-quality vehicle, a 150-mile daily allowance, and a euro travel kit. There’s no additional cost for extra drivers as well. In case of a problem, just get in touch with our team, and we’ll quickly arrange to get you back on the road.

As said before, you’ll be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy and will have breakdown coverage in 44 countries across Europe. So, wait no more – book your van today!


Travelling across Europe in a van is an extraordinary experience that combines adventure, flexibility, and convenience. By choosing the right van hire company and preparing adequately, you can ensure a smooth and memorable journey.

Our team at H&H Van Hire is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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