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Identification Documents Required When Hiring a Van in London

If you want to rent a van in London, it is essential that you consider the identification papers that will be required beforehand.

Identification Documents Required When Hiring a Van in London


Photo Card Licence

An original FULL photo card UK licence is required when hiring a van. Some companies also allow a full EU licence for European citizens who are on holiday or on business in the UK.


Licence check code

All drivers who hold a UK licence will have to provide a licence check code so we can check that there are no driving offences/disqualifications that would affect your insurance cover. You can create the code here.


D1 Driving Licence     

Drivers wishing to hire minibuses will require a D1 driving licence for a minibus with more than 13 passenger seats.


Proof of Address

Though a person’s full address may already be identified on their licence, separate proof is required to ensure that it is their current address. The following documents are generally accepted:

  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Tenancy Agreement

*Note: Make sure these are recent (issued in the past two months).


Credit Cards

Most van hire companies do not accept payment in cash or prepaid cards, so a credit or debit card is required. It is necessary that the card holder is the hirer for clear and easy communication regarding the payment.

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