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Vans and Minibuses Perfect for Summer Music Festivals


It’s that time of the year again… party on!

When it comes to music festivals, the UK is where it’s at! Eagerly anticipated not only by local music fans, tourists will flock from all over the globe to join in some summer festival fun.

With a range of vans suitable for festival hire—whether for large production equipment or a group of excitable friends – H&H has the perfect mode of transport!



Suggested Use: tourists, small groups, music acts



  • 9, 14 and 17-seater options
  • Fitted with three-point seatbelts
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • CD player
  • Turbo diesel and power steering

Our minibuses are a great choice for larger numbers of people who are travelling over a reasonable distance to music festivals! We also allow tourists to hire our minibuses, as long as they are over 25 and holding a D1 driving licence!


Crew Vans

Suggested Use: production teams, bands

crew vans


  • 6-seater
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • CD player
  • Turbo diesel and power steering

Need to transport fragile equipment or personal musical instruments? Our Crew vans are the ideal choice! Seating 6 people, including the driver, there is still plenty of room for any additional equipment.


Luton Box Vans & Long Wheel Base Vans

Suggested Use: stall holders, festival props, costumes

luton and long wheel base vans


  • 3-seater
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Turbo diesel and power steering
  • Tailback lift for Luton Box Vans

For larger and heavier items, our larger van hire solutions might just be the answer. Our Luton box and long wheel base vans are specially designed with a longer body and higher roof that can fit in huge festival props and equipment. The Luton Box Van has a tailback lift that will make it much easier to load heavy items.


The summer sun has just begun (did someone forget to tell the weather that) and we all can’t wait for some festival fun! It’s a top gig… so arrive in style with best van hire service in London!

Phone us on 020 7916 6616 with any enquiries. Let me hear you make some noise!


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