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How to Avoid Van Theft in Islington

If you’re planning to go up North for some adventure, why not give Islington a try? Packed with residential areas and family-friendly tourist attractions, it’s always good to be in Islington.

Hiring a van in London…?  Take good care of it like it’s your own. Whether hiring a van for moving home or going on holiday, you should take note of the following tips to prevent van theft:

How to Avoid Van Theft in Islington

Always Check and Double Check

The first rule to keep your van safe: Make sure you lock all the doors.

The second rule: Check you locked the doors.

There’s nothing to lose by double checking; it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Keep Track of Your Valuables

Thieves’ eyes are sharper than an eagle’s. They can see things from the outside, so make sure you never leave important gadgets, documents and other valuables inside the van.


Add Highly Visible Locks

Highly visible locks, such as tyre locks, are an effective van theft preventive measure. Extra security locks are enough to doubly secure your van.


Park in Well-Lit Places

It could also be in busy places, open areas or anywhere that is not isolated. Parking in these areas will make it less susceptible to van theft because there are more likely to be plenty of witnesses.


Make Use of GPS

Just in case the van is stolen, you will still have a chance to get it back – if it’s equipped with a GPS tracking device. However, the chances of retrieving the valuables left inside the van are minimal.

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