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Why Choose a Minibus for your Next Holiday Getaway?

Planning a getaway is always exciting but sometimes it’s not about what to do or where to go; it may also boil down to budget.


To keep everything under control, you should start to consider where you can cut down on costs. Minibuses are a cost effective choice, allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:


Seating Capacity Choices

Seating Capacity


From 9 friends to a group of 17 people, minibuses can accommodate all your travelling companions. You won’t have to separate the group into two vehicles to seat everyone.


H&H Van Hire offers minibus hire in London with different seating capacities; these can be driven to any UK destinations. We offer 9-seater, 14-seater and 17-seater alternatives.


Can Accommodate Passengers and Luggage

More than comfortably accommodating passengers – a minibus will also provide space for the luggage too. Tents, suitcases, surfboards… there is room for everything, including the kitchen sink!


A Considerably Cheaper Option

Travelling around as a group means you can divide the hiring fee between you – which equates to lower transportation expenses per individual. Now, all you have to consider are entry fees, the accommodation bill, food expenses, etc.


Freedom, Privacy and Convenience

Enjoy the perfect holiday vibe with:


You will have as much time as you need to maximise your itinerary. You can enjoy great flexibility to add stopovers in case of an emergency.



Minibuses afford exclusive transportation for you and your family/friends – there will be no strangers in the vehicle.



You can come and go as you please. No calling a cab or waiting for the bus or train.


H&H Van Hire offers an exceptional minibus hire service that will perfectly suit your getaway needs… can I come?

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