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Choosing the right size van for your transportation needs

If you’re looking to hire a quality self-drive van for your transportation needs in London, choosing the right size is crucial. For light-duty transport, you don’t want to end up with a large vehicle that’s redundant for your needs. Therefore, in this blog, we aim to help you choose the right van size through insights into various van sizes and expert tips.

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The different sizes of vans to hire in London

Before you can choose the right van size for your needs, you need to be aware of the size options available to you. Expert van hire companies in the UK would typically provide you with the following best options for your transportation needs.

Small vans

Small vans are perfect for your city errands, light removals, boot sales, and other light-duty transport needs in London. For a stress-free drive across the city, make sure your small van is ULEZ-compliant.

Medium vans

Medium vans are a perfect balance between space and manoeuvrability. Short-wheelbase vans will be ideal for this, helping you with your one-off moves or when your own vehicle is out for a service.

Large vans

Large vans come with spacious interiors and are ideal for bigger loads. For your house clearance needs or transporting heavy materials across the city, long-wheelbase vans such as Fort Transit would be a perfect choice.

Luton vans

Luton vans are ideal for large commercial deliveries or for moving houses in London. At H&H Van Hire, we have Luton box vans and low-loader Luton vans to meet your specific needs.

5 key things to consider when choosing your van size

Now that you have an idea about the different van size options available to you, here are five key points to consider for the next step: choosing the right van size for your transportation needs.

Your cargo volume

Begin by assessing the size and quantity of items you’re going to transport, be it one-off or on a regular basis. All items must easily fit into your van. When you check out different van options, consider their length, width, height, as well as cubic capacity.

For example, a small van’s cargo capacity will include an average length of 1.50m, width of 1.20m, height of 1.20m, and a cubic capacity of 2.16 m3.

Payload capacity

Payload capacity refers to a van’s ability to carry loads. This is a crucial aspect of determining the right van size for your needs. It may so happen that you are going to transport a small number of items, however, they are rather heavy. In that case, you cannot go for a smaller size van with less payload capacity that will fail to carry such heavy weight.

Your future needs

If you are going to keep the van for longer and regular use, you need to consider your future needs. Think whether the van will be able to adapt to your future changes in transportation needs. Go for a size that can handle different cargo sizes and weights.

Pro tip: Speak to a van hire expert. Usually, a reliable and experienced van hire company will guide you in the process of hiring the right size van. Like we do! Contact us today.

Interior features

Van size is not all about how large or small it looks on the outside. You must evaluate its storage space and tie-down points among other necessary interior features before deciding on one. Make sure that your chosen van can keep your cargo organised and secure during transportation.


If you’re going to drive your van in congested urban areas in the city, make sure your van size doesn’t make it difficult to navigate and park the van. This is important for hassle-free transportation.


Your awareness of the available size options and expert tips will make it simple for you to find the ideal van size for your needs. Whether it’s a long-term van hire or a one-off need, the five tips in this article will make choosing the ideal van size a breeze for you.

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Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

What is the suitable van size for my move?

There are three primary things you need to consider to know the most suitable van size for your house move: 1) the size of your items, 2) the weight of your items, and 3) the dimensions of the loading part of a van for smooth loading. To start with, these three points will help you choose the ideal van size for your move. Don’t worry if evaluating these on your own seems difficult. A local and experienced van hire company will make it simple for you, offering personalised solutions.

Is there a weight limit for vans?

Each van size comes with a weight limit. You must consider this aspect before hiring a van. While working with a van hire company, seek their expert help to analyse your transportation requirements and suggest the ideal van size for your needs.

Will vans be equipped with tail lifts for easy loading?

Luton vans are ideal for house moves and transporting heavy items as they can be equipped with tail lifts for easy loading and unloading.

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