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What Is A Luton Van? Everything You Need To Know

A Luton van is a versatile and practical vehicle, commonly used for removals, transport of bulky items, and by businesses needing to move large quantities of goods. Recognisable by its distinctive body shape, the Luton van is an essential asset in many industries. This guide will provide detailed information on what makes a Luton van unique, its dimensions and capacity, and more.

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What Is A Luton Van?

A Luton van is a type of box van with an extended section over the cab, known as a Luton box. This design maximises the available loading space, making it ideal for transporting large and bulky items.

Named after the town of Luton in Bedfordshire, where it was first manufactured, the Luton van is a popular choice for both businesses and individuals.

What Makes A Luton Van Unique?

The Luton van’s unique design features a large, box-shaped body that extends over the cab. This extra space, known as the Luton box, provides additional storage capacity compared to other types of vans. The over-cab area is perfect for lighter, bulkier items.

Additionally, many Luton vans come with a tail lift, making loading and unloading heavy items much easier.

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Luton Box And Luton Low Loader: What’s The Difference?

There are two main types of Luton vans: the Luton box and the Luton low loader.

Luton Box: This is the traditional Luton van with a high-loading space and a tail lift. It is suitable for transporting heavy and bulky items.

Luton Low Loader: This variant has a lower loading floor, making it easier to load and unload heavy items without needing a tail lift. It is ideal for moves where ease of loading is a priority.

A Peek Into Luton Van Dimensions And Capacity

When choosing a Luton van, understanding its dimensions and capacity is crucial to ensuring it meets your transportation needs. The Luton low loader is designed with practicality in mind. At H&H Van Hire, a typical low loader features a length of 4.1 metres (13’5″), a width of 1.98 metres (6’4″), and a height of 2.25 metres (7’3″). The width between the arches is 1.36 metres (4’4″). This model offers a substantial capacity of 18.5 cubic metres and a payload of 1420 kilograms, making it ideal for heavy and bulky items.

The traditional Luton Box van, another popular choice, also boasts significant loading space. If you’re hiring one from us, its dimensions include a length of 4.03 metres (13’3″), a width of 2.04 metres (6’8″), and a height of 2.13 metres (7’0″). With a cubic capacity of 16.4 cubic metres and a payload of 900 kilograms, this van is well-suited for various transportation tasks, especially those involving large but lighter items.

The higher payload capacity of the Luton Box van makes it a preferred option for many movers and businesses.

Both the Luton low loader and the Luton Box van offer unique advantages depending on the specific requirements of the job. Understanding these dimensions and capacities helps in selecting the right Luton van for your needs. We are here to help you make the right choice – call 020 7916 6616 now.

Luton Van Licensing Requirements

To drive a Luton van, you typically need a standard UK driving licence (category B). This licence allows you to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

How To Drive A Luton Van: 5 Expert Tips

1. Adjust Your Mirrors

Before starting your journey, ensure that all mirrors are correctly adjusted for optimal visibility. The size of a Luton van limits rear visibility, so properly positioned mirrors are essential for monitoring traffic and navigating tight spaces.

Regularly check the side mirrors while driving to maintain awareness of your surroundings and to help safely change lanes and make turns.

2. Be Aware Of Height

Always be conscious of the height of your Luton van, which is significantly taller than a regular car. Check for height restrictions on routes, especially when approaching low bridges, car parks, and drive-throughs.

Knowing the exact height of your vehicle, typically displayed inside the cab, can prevent costly accidents and damage to the van or property. We’ll help you understand the dimensions well, so no worries when you hire one from us.

3. Take Wider Turns

Luton vans require wider turns due to their larger size and extended wheelbase. When approaching corners or junctions, start turning later than you would in a smaller vehicle to avoid cutting the corner or mounting the kerb.

Practising wider turns helps to navigate through tight city streets and ensures the safety of both the van and other road users.

4. Watch Your Speed

Driving a heavier vehicle like a Luton van necessitates greater attention to speed. Heavier vans take longer to accelerate and decelerate, so maintain a safe speed, especially in traffic and on inclines.

Keep a greater distance from the vehicle ahead to allow ample time for stopping, and be mindful of speed limits, which might be lower for larger vehicles in some areas.

5. Secure Your Load

Ensure all items in the van are properly secured before starting your journey. Loose items can shift during transit, affecting the van’s balance and potentially causing damage or accidents. Use straps, ropes, and other securing devices to keep your load stable.

Regularly check the load during stops to ensure everything remains in place.

Hire A Quality Luton Van From Us

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A Luton van is a practical solution for various transportation needs, thanks to its unique design and ample loading capacity. Understanding the different types and dimensions of Luton vans, as well as licensing requirements and driving tips, will help you make the best choice for your needs. The reason why we’ve written this blog for you!

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